could this be a scam from Africa?

could this be a scam from Africa? like 4 days ago this girl emailed me saying she lived in africa and was a refugee who's parents were killed so no...

could this be a scam from Africa?

like 4 days ago this girl emailed me saying she lived in africa and was a refugee who’s parents were killed so now she was at a refugee camp. she sent me two pictures of her so i could know her. now shes telling me to call her and talk to her and asking me if i could help her transfer 4.9million dollars to my bank account so i could send money to her and help her get her documentation so she could come to the USA. I told her i was underage to have a bank account and i didnt have a phone and she replied telling me to call her when i can. she gave me all the information. she gave me the banks name and account number and a bunch of information. the thing is that its sooo weird that one of a sudden someone contacts me and gives me all this information without knowing me. she says she 23 years old and she sounds really nice. what should i do? what is this?

Answer by FranAnime
It’s a scam, dont fall for it

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  1. rmh61284 says:

    This is a scam. Do not reply, you could actually send all this information over to your local police department.

  2. Random Girl says:

    It sounds way too far fetched to me.

    What’s confusing is why she’s sending bank details, fake or otherwise.

  3. Kevin7 says:

    yes it probably is a scam, do not send money and stop writing her

  4. Answerer says:

    ITS A SCAM people do things like this to make money, she may not seem like a scammer but in Africa is a 40 year old guy sitting behind a computer laughing at you

  5. Squiggles says:

    It is a scam.

    Don’t trust any emails that involve bank accounts, sap stories, and money transfers. The person running the scam could get the pictures from anywhere and there’s a bit of doubt that someone in a refugee camp would have recreational internet access, let alone 4.9 million dollars. And even if they are based in Africa and you do call, which you should not because there are scams through phone lines now, it’ll be one hell of a bill.

  6. Ethan A says:

    doesn’t sound like a scam, but yeah most likely would they even have internet access LOL and 4.9 million wtf?

  7. I Luv Winter says:

    Yes. It has scam written all over it. You should report it.

  8. Andrea says:

    yes, big time scam
    they’re people who just want a credit card number or a lot of money for themselves

  9. mr_lizerd says:

    yes its a scam. i get these in my email about three times a week. always from a different email address and with a different story..but always the same basic topic. i doubt its even a 23 year old girl. probably some 40 year old guy sitting in his lush living room out in europe or something. hehehe. just delete it and any others that you get with the same story.

  10. RachelS165 says:

    Its a scam.

    Think about it. Real refugees at African refugee camps (such as in Darfur), are people who didn’t have much to start with, who have now lost everything. They’re living in tents in the middle of nowhere, completely dependent on international humanitarian aid and barely have enough food to eat or a pot to p*ss in, let alone electricity, telephone, Internet access and a bank account with $ 4.9 million in it.

    Once she’s got you convinced that she needs your help, she’ll convince you to send $ 100 or so to her “bank” for processing and wire fees, along with your bank account information so that the $ 4.9 million can be transferred to your account — promising of course that you’ll get the $ 100 back along with being allowed to keep a generous share of her alleged $ 4.9 million for helping her. Of course once you send your banking information, you’ll never hear from her again– except to discover that she’s cleaned out your entire bank account and disappeared.

  11. Marissa Likeeeee says:

    It’s a scam. I saw it on CBS, and if you fall for it, you are completely screwed. Tell the police about it. They’ll help you out.

  12. Kittysue says:

    Of course this is a scam for so many reasons – block this person from contacting you again and don’t speak to anyone else

    1 – people in refugee camps do not have internet access. They don’t even have running water or electricity in refugee camps, let alone computers. They live in tents and improvised shelters. This is what an African refugee camp looks like

    2 – people whose parents have $ 4.9 million in the bank don’t end up in refugee camps, they get asylum in another country. Refugees are people with no money, no home, etc.

    3 – how could YOU help her transfer money? You are not a bank official and don’t have a power of attorney on her account. If it were really her parents money, she can access it whenever she wants. She doesn’t need any help

    4 – if she’s really a refugee she can’t just decide to come to the US. She could only go where the UNHCR resettles her

    5 – this is not a pretty 23 year old girl, it’s a guy sitting in an internet cafe in Lagos who copied pictures of a pretty girl off some dating site or amateur modeling site

    This is nothing but a scam to get you to reveal your bank account number – but you don’t have that. But now they will ask you to send money for “transfer fees” but there is no money.

    Do not have any further correspondence or calls. Once they realise you are no longer playing along and they won’t get money out of you, they will move on to the next victim

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